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Obesity and its treatment requires tremendous support. Unlike what most people think, obesity is not caused by over-eating or eating disorders. It is a chronic disease, the causes of which may vary. People suffering from obesity may suffer from severe depression as well and need tremendous support from their loved ones. What one needs to understand is that the first step towards any kind of remedy is fraught with many unexpressed fears and tensions - the support of friends and family is of incalculable help at such times.
Patients undergoing weight loss surgery need to make their friends and family members understand that morbid obesity is a disease that requires medical, and at times surgical intervention, and that diets don't work for them.
Support from loved ones may be lacking because they don't realize the health hazards of morbid obesity. One needs to explain to them that morbid obesity may be fatal and thus the need to remedy it is essential.
Patients considering weight loss surgery are encouraged to attend support groups and interact with people who are in the same situation as they are. This will not only help in acquiring knowledge but also give them the assurance that they are not alone. Success stories might provide the motivation required to take a step towards treatment.



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