as the University Hospital in Brussels is a huge European Tertiary Referral Centre for Mitral Valve Repair, Carotid Surgeries and Aortic Root Surgeries.

Surgical Expertise :

Conscious Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery - COPCAB (Awake Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery-ACAB)
Beating Heart Coronary Bypass with Arterial Grafts
Mitral Valve Repair
Carotid Endarterectomy / Carotid Bypass
Aortic (Root) Surgeries

Dr. Honnekeri has undergone training in Mitral Valve Repair with Prof. Robert Dion (Brussels), Aortic Root Surgeries with Prof. Gebrine El Khovry (Brussels) and Cardiac Transplantation with Prof. Don Esmore (Melbourne) who are International Leaders in the field of Cardiac Surgery. Dr. Honnekeri was invited to Nagoya, Japan in the year 2001 & Wroclaw, Poland in the year 2004 to demonstrate and train Japanese & Polish Surgeons in Beating Heart Surgery with LIMA-RIMA-Y graft.

Currently Dr. Honnekeri's focus is on conducting demonstrations/ training programmes for Beating Heart Bypass Surgery in other countries.

Honours & Awards :

Award DUEARTE MONTEIRO physiology oration in 1 st MBBS (1979) - Seth, G.S. Medical College, Mumbai.
Distinction at M.Ch-CVTS , University of Mumbai - 1990.
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Dr. Sandeep Honnekeri is specialised in Beating Heart Coronary Bypass Surgery using Total Arterial Revascularisation. He has performed more than 2500 such surgeries and routinely used both internal mammary arteries ( LIMA+RIMA) often as a "Y" graft. He is also the only surgeon in the country to regularly use the GASTROEPIPLOIC ARTERY (taking it off the stomach wall and connecting it to the heart) and has one of the largest individual experiences in the world with use of this artery for Bypass Surgery.

He did his oversees training at the Alfred hospital in Melbourne, Australia and at the University Hospital in Brussels, Belgium. The Alfred Hospital is the 4 th largest Heart & Lung Transplant Centre in the world where

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