Dr. Ashok Rajgopal is currently working with Fortis Hospitals as the Director of the Orthopaedics Department. He is a member of Indian Orthopaedics Association, the Indian Arthrosplasty Association, the Vice President of the Indian Arthroscopy Association, a fellow at the International Medical Science Academy, an active member of ISAKOS, the founder secretary and the president elect of the Asia Pacific Arthrosplasty Society, and a member of the General Medical Council (UK).

Born on the 30th of September 1953, Dr. Rajgopal completed his M.B.B.S. from Pune University in 1974. Following, which he completed his M. S. Orthopaedicss from A.I.I.M.S. in 1979 and M.Ch. Orthopaedicss from the University of Liverpool in 1983.

Having served as the honorary Orthopaedics surgeon to the president of India in 1997, Dr. Rajgopal's professional achievements include conducting over 9,950 arthroscopies and over 3,200 Arthrosplasties, conducting the first bilateral TKR in India (Apr'87) and the first MIS Unicompartmental replacement (Mar'02). He is one of the most experienced surgeons, in India, where knee replacements are concerned.

He has been invited to numerous international conferences as a guest speaker. The most prominent conferences were at Brisbane, China, Cairns, Dundee and Singapore. He has read nearly 45 papers at Indian Conferences.

In addition to his noteworthy medical skills, he also possesses a very fine art collection with over 65 paintings. He is particularly passionate about The Old Bengal School of Art. He is a keen music enthusiast and can play the harmonica, melodica and the keyboard. He is also very fond of cricket, badminton and scuba diving.

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